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Assembly Fixtures

Special fixtures are used in quantity production for special assembly operations and can be static or mobile. They do not have to meet the requirement of accurate work location the work being clamped with a force sufficient to prevent it from displacement by the action of the forces and moments arising due to assembling operation. They may or may not turn about an axis.

  • Used in single or small lot production.
  • These are universal fixtures.
  • Usually they have machined locating surfaces and holes to receive fastening bolts.
  • They are used in welding and soldering, riveting gluing and other assembly joints.

Transportation Fixtures

Transportation fixtures, no matter where they’re used, must be able to withstand ongoing human tampering and severe environmental abuse, while dependably meeting safety and security-based lighting performance requirements. Further, because of both the natural environment and the chemicals often used to control snow and ice, corrosion resistance is a high priority when choosing fixtures for transportation projects. Fixtures are always designed specifically for a certain product. One or more products may be fixed into one fixure and several units of materials may be stores in one unit of fixture. Fixtures may have wheels, lockable and turnable. Fixtures can be connected to form a train

Welding Fixtures

Welding Jigs and Welding Fixtures which is developed from durable & quality metals. Our Jigs and Fixtures are bound to last long and offer best performance. We can also customize our products according to the specific requirement of clients and provide them at reasonable prices.Welding requires specialized fixtures to accurately hold the work piece during the welding operation. Despite the large variety of welding fixtures available today the focus has shifted in making the welding arms more versatile, not the fixture. The new fixture design reduces cycle time and operator labor while increasing functionality; and allows complex welding operations to be completed on simple two axis welding arms.

Hydraulic Fixtures.

We are leading provider of Hydraulic Clamping Fixture, which are designed to take care of the heavy & rigid clamping. Further, these machines are compact in size, corrosion resistant and provided with easy & fast adjustments. Backed by rich industrial experience, we are able to manufacture and supply our clients a broad variety of Hydraulic Fixture. The offered hydraulic fixture is used for secure locating and supporting the industrial work, maintaining the conformity and interchangeability. The offered hydraulic fixture is assembled and designed under the supervision of our experts by utilizing excellent quality alloys with the help of pioneering technology as per latest industry standards. This Hydraulic Fixture is available in varied shapes and dimensions to meet specific needs of our clients.